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Freight Payment Process is your key to saving thousands of transportation dollars. On average our clients save approximately $9.00 for each dollar paid to These savings come by utilizing the latest technology to audit carrier invoices checking for correct discount levels and accessorial applications. Further savings our obtained through analysis that insures the correct mode of transportation is used for the correct service required. All of these savings go directly to your company's bottom line.

Additonal Services

To further reduce transportation costs, can perform lane analysis, carrier selection/Optimization and best of class evaluations that insure your carriers are providing competitive rates. Additional Services include an extensive array of customized reports detailing every aspect of your Logistic Network. These reports are included as part of your low bill processing fee.

Charges and Fees

Financial Stability
Representing one of the most progressive and technologically advanced Freight Payment Companies, is extremely sound. Companies like Tyco International, Locheed-Martin, General Electric and Motorola have selected this Freight Payment Company to provide Freight Payment Services. Processing over $2 Billion dollars annually in Transportation Services

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